Digital solutions for care at home – presentation day

Welcome to a digital event where companies present their solutions within the area of digital solutions for care at home.

On Thursday, October 7, from. 9.00 to 11.00, Leap for Life arranges a digital presentation day during Halland Tech Week. The presentation day will be held in Swedish.

During the event, we will get to know more about how patients and caregivers can use and benefit from integrated digital solutions in the home. Solutions used to exchange information, for example by the patients monitoring and following up their own health conditions, in order to provide information for the caregiver to make better decisions. During the presentation day there will also be time to think about how this type of technology can help develop future healthcare.

During the event we will listen to short company presentations, experiences from using digital solutions and a Q&A with the speakers. We hope to inspire new collaborations and contacts between the companies and the audience.

The target audience for the presentation day is people working with leadership, development, procurement and IT from the regions and municipalities.

The companies that are presenting are:

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INFORMATION ABOUT THE EVENT 07 October 09:00 - 11:00 Zoom
Virginia Wiman Project Manager CareWare Nordic Halmstad University +46 72 381 28 47
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