Our commitment

Leap for Life is an innovation centre for Connected Health – a place for the pioneers of healthcare. With Leap for Life, we gather partners to collaborate, enable innovation and act as the driving force for change within healthcare – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Connected Health in Halland

To manage the challenges that healthcare faces, we need to focus on preventive methods. By using connected solutions we can unite data and digital solutions to make intelligent decisions and diagnostics.

Healthcare needs to implement modern solutions in a digital age. Solutions can be used to increase the quality and efficiency. By investing in data driven innovation, human centered AI and IoT-tech, life quality improves for both care recipients and care givers.

In Halland we focus on innovative solutions that lead to better healthcare and higher efficiency within the sector. A combination of high quality healthcare data and a strong and well established co-operation between academia, business and public sector generate favourable conditions for innovation and relevant development.

We all need to rethink

Our society and our healthcare system are facing a number of great challenges. Health gaps are increasing, obesity, high blood pressure and mental illness is becoming more common. Pandemics, an aging population and fewer caring hands require new solutions in order to maintain good healthcare. Since more people live longer – because of medical breakthroughs and better welfare – the need for qualified healthcare increases. The costs will increase substantially.

Information driven care – where healthcare data meets AI

Thanks to technical development, large amounts of health data are generated daily – both within healthcare and by other actors. It is everything from information about individual persons’ treatments and health in directories and journals to information about health and lifestyle being gathered in apps and sensors.

To manage the challenges that healthcare faces, we need to focus on preventive methods. By using artificial intelligence (AI) to draw conclusions about collected health data, care givers and hospital managements can make better informed decisions and care can be even more individualised. The concept is called information driven care, which is the focus of the innovation centre Leap for Life.

Illustration where dots show how data leads to change.

Information driven care: by learning from the conclusions from using analysis of collected data change can be achieved.

Right conditions in Halland

In Halland, there has long been a close collaboration between academia and the business and public sectors. Halmstad University has built a strong research centre around AI and machine learning and Region Halland has established a national leading position in information driven care. This has been achieved through efficient collaboration, a focus on resources and the establishment of strong international networks.

Leap for Life gathers the necessary ecosystem of competences – care development, business development and research – that are needed for Halland's unique venture in information driven care. Halland has the conditions required for taking the step towards our future healthcare.

Digital clock on arm with one person touching it. Photo

By using artificial intelligence (AI) we can use data and digital solutions to make intelligent decisions and diagnostics.

The Global Goals – for sustainable development

Leap for Life is constantly taking the Global Goals into consideration and is especially involvled in Goals 3, 5, 8, 9 and 10.

The global goals

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