Professional development

Professional development within healthcare can include many different things. Within Leap for Life, there is currently the project Digga Halland, the collaboration arena Health Lab and courses, both regular courses at Halmstad University and tailor made courses for professional development.

Three people in a simulated hospital environment taking care of a fake patient. Photo.

Simulated learning environment in the Health Lab.

Previous projects

Digga Halland

Digga Halland is a collaboration project aiming to develop the digital competence among people working in the healthcare sector. This is necessary in order to provide the care recipients, their relatives and the employees themselves the most benefit possible from using digital services and ways of working.

Through the project, 7 000 employees in Halland get an online course on the foundation of digitalisation. Several municipalities have chosen to appoint representatives or coaches among their employees to drive the process and help with digitalisation.

Digga Halland at Halmstad University (Swedish) External link, opens in new window.

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